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People pleasing poisons your pleasure in relationships

People pleasing poisons your pleasure in relationships

People pleasing is the equivalent of pouring poison all over your relationships, gorgeous woman. However, you CAN claim deep heart-centred relationships when you are willing to do things differently.

Putting the needs of others before what you need for yourself will only ever…

❌ Drain your life force
❌ Repel deep heart-centred relationships


I used to believe I HAD to please other people. I thought it was the only way I could get what I wanted in relationships:

  • To be liked
  • Feel a sense of belonging
  • To feel loved
  • To experience connection

It gets even more complicated on the spiritual path because then we pick up ideas about being selfless and of service to others. After all, pleasing ourselves just wouldn’t be spiritual, would it?

I’m here to say a big fat F🤬&% THAT!

You can’t deeply serve someone else when you are in a state of depletion. It actually ruins relationships. Why? Because…

➡️ You feel resentful when you’re doing things that you don’t really want to
➡️ The other person senses your resentment, and on some level, they pull away from you

Can you see that you are actually repelling the very things you want? It’s so toxic.

How to get deep heart-centred relationships

So let’s flip the script. 💥 Start asking yourself what YOU need to feel deeply nourished.

When you feel full, you CAN serve others from a place of overflow. They will totally feel the difference.

The most profound way to feel nourished and whole is to learn how to connect to your true Self. (You can read about your true Self in my post Who am I? One thing to calm stress and find astounding freedom.)

Why? It’s the source of deep connection and self-love. It’s also beyond all of the negative emotions that often block people from putting their own needs first:

  • Feeling guilty for saying no
  • Fear of losing the other person
  • Fear of the other person getting angry because you aren’t doing what they want anymore

When you know how to connect with your true Self, allowing any emotions that arise becomes easy. The need for people pleasing naturally stops as you see what life is like on the other side.

Your next steps

So if you find yourself dragged down by people pleasing, it’s time to claim more love, connection and belonging on your spiritual path, gorgeous woman! ❤️

Learn more about connecting with your true Self by getting a copy of my FREE guidebook Freedom Activation Code.

Wishing you so much love,

Clare xx

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