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Find more freedom and calmness with spiritual awakening symptoms

Freedom & calmness with spiritual awakening symptoms

If you are experiencing spiritual awakening symptoms, know that while this path can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be painful. 🥰 To make your Ascension journey easy and fast, you must get crystal clear on your path. Once you do, you’ll be able to help yourself through the bumpy patches that we all experience from time to time.

Many people suggest that spiritual awakening symptoms are a disease you must suffer through. It simply isn’t true. When you understand what’s REALLY going on, the symptoms can be helpful pointers that show you where you can grow and find a permanent source of peace. That’s great news, right?!

The best way I can explain this is to tell you part of my story…

In the Beginning… WTF?!

I had just started reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. After enduring seven years of severe mental and physical illness, I wanted freedom.

As I turned the pages and let the words wash over me, it was as though a long-forgotten part of me suddenly came back to life. I just knew that the spiritual path was what I needed to heal and claim the inner peace that I so desperately needed.

A few days later, I woke up to the most profound experience of bliss, joy and peace. I remember walking down the street, sensing that I was emitting a field of unconditional love. It appeared to merge with everything I came into contact with.

All the stress and struggle melted away, and I didn’t have a care in the world. 🤸 Most incredibly, my body spontaneously healed. I spent five days walking on Cloud-9, convinced I had miraculously solved all my problems.

Er… not quite! Sadly this awe-inspiring experience didn’t last. I came crashing back to earth as all my mental and physical pain returned. The next five years were consumed by my search for that state again. I intuitively knew that it must be possible. Thankfully, I was right.


During these years of searching, my reality was daily mental, emotional and physical turmoil. My mind was constantly running like a freight train. My emotions became a nightmarish roller-coaster ride that I was desperate to exit. 🎢 One minute, there was relative calm. Then for no apparent reason, I would be plunged into sadness, frustration, hopelessness or rage.

I was hypersensitive to mostly everything that happened, and my anxiety levels went off the charts. The littlest event had the potential to trigger extreme emotion, so it was impossible to carry on with my life as it had been previously. Friendships fell away. I couldn’t work, and fun was a forgotten commodity.

Meanwhile, my body was in total chaos with strange symptoms that came and went:

  • Headaches
  • My senses felt like they were on overdrive
  • Fatigue
  • Foggy head
  • Zero sex drive
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Colds and infections
  • A decline of the illnesses I already had
  • Digestive issues
  • Muscular pain and weakness

Confusion took hold. When I started on the spiritual path, I thought it would fix my life. But with the cacophony of symptoms, it didn’t feel like it now. The words ‘Why oh why did I go down this route?’ kept playing like a record in my mind. Not knowing what else to do, I withdrew from the world, hoping it would all stop.

The fix, change, improve trap

Not knowing what was happening to me was so scary. The spiritual awakening symptoms had taken over my life.

Being a pretty proactive person, I sought professional advice. First, I turned to modern medicine and psychology. All I received were quizzical looks and negative test results. 🤷‍♀️ The turmoil churned on.

Then, I spent £10,000 on alternative therapies because I hoped they would fix my mind and body. I did learn a lot, but ultimately the only thing it did was drain my bank balance. If anything, I was getting worse, and the desperation mounted. What the hell did I have to DO to fix myself and my life?!

So, I took to the refuge of Google for spiritual self-help ideas. Much of what I found was downright worrying. I came away with the impression that the spiritual awakening symptoms were like a disease I would have to battle through. There wasn’t much practical help with what I could actually DO.

Clarity IS your power on the spiritual awakening path

Little by little, I realised that the answers weren’t ‘out there’. I saw with great clarity that they were already within me, and had more to do with ‘being’ than ‘doing’. I kept getting little intuitive hits that it had something to do with that blissed-out experience.

So, I went on a spiritual quest that would cost me another £20,000. I studied with some of the best consciousness, meditation and mind-body teachers on the planet. Finally, I understood. Finally, I knew what to do. 💪

If you are currently trapped in spiritual awakening symptoms and you want to reclaim your power, you must look within. You don’t need someone to fix you because what you REALLY are can never be broken. So the answer is to connect to your true Self, the source of that state of bliss and peace. Let me explain more.

What am I really?

I’ll give a brief explanation here. However, my article ‘Who am I? One thing to calm stress and find astounding freedom‘ answers this question in more detail.

Your true Self is conscious awareness, the watcher. Resting there IS that feeling of walking on Cloud-9. When you connect with your true Self, you immediately kick the turmoil to the curb.

Spiritual awakening involves returning home to your true Self, beyond the mind and ego. Your true Self is the source of everything you want in life – freedom, clarity, peace, joy, passion and purpose. If you build a relationship with it, you automatically bring more of these states into your life.

This is in stark contrast to living in your mind. It’s the source of the turmoil and also the majority of the spiritual awakening symptoms. The mind believes that the solution to your problems lies in fixing and changing things in the outside world. However, that belief will trap you in turmoil, just as it did for me. Being stuck there is a scary and lonely place to be.

Let me be clear: by all means, make any changes to your life or circumstances if you need to. This isn’t about sitting and contemplating your navel for the rest of your life. 🤦 However, please don’t think that fixing the outside world is the SOLE solution to your problems. You must go deeper and rest in a peaceful state WHILE you are making those changes.

Waking up to your shizz

Awakening shows you everything that isn’t your true Self. You see everything that holds you back from the life you both want and deserve. This includes all your old baggage, for instance: trauma, patterns of behaviours, repressed emotions, habits, beliefs, attitudes and so on. This IS the turmoil, and all of it comes from the mind.

It used to be unconscious, but now it has come into your conscious awareness. It’s always been there, playing out behind the scenes and sabotaging your life. However, you couldn’t see it before. Now you are becoming more conscious, you can. It’s coming up because it needs to be resolved if you are going to claim a permanent state of walking on Cloud-9. 🌤️ When understood from this perspective, it’s actually trying to help you.

So, a spiritual awakening is an invitation to heal your past and become who you REALLY are beyond the turmoil. When you do, you will fulfil your bold, beautiful purpose in this life. If you learn to see the turmoil as an invitation to heal, it softens the discomfort slightly. It’s trying to help you claim freedom, but I understand it doesn’t feel that way!

So what the heck is going on with these SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SYMPTOMS?

Understanding what is happening to you is the first step to breaking free from the spiritual awakening symptoms. Let’s dive in.

Thoughts and the racing mind

Thoughts are not a problem if you can allow them to pass through your awareness. The issue starts when you begin engaging with them and going off into unconscious thinking. Very quickly, your mind will run out of control. You become lost in the stories of your mind, no longer engaging in what is happening around you in the present moment.

What do I mean? Have you ever walked a familiar route, arrived at your destination and couldn’t remember the journey? Instead of being present, you were off thinking about something else. Your reality had been based on another time: something that had already happened or something you thought could happen. ⏰

In either case, these events were not relevant to THIS moment. Look around you. Where is that guy who cut you up in traffic yesterday? Or how about the presentation you are worried about giving tomorrow? Is it happening right now? Nope.

If you find yourself doing this, please know it is not your fault. We all do it until we find another way. This is a habit we learnt from those around us growing up. Thankfully, these habits can be broken.

So if you want to stop your mind from running out of control, focus on what is real NOW. Use your senses to notice what is going on around you in the present moment. This will help break you out of the turmoil.

The emotional roller-coaster

When you are lost in your mind and unconscious thinking, you start to feel that thinking. It happens so fast that you probably won’t recognise it. However, often the most obvious signs are experiencing negative emotions.

It makes sense. If you are thinking anxious thoughts, you feel anxiety. Thinking about something that frightens you will probably make you feel scared. You may feel angry if you recall the harsh words someone said earlier.

The moment you realise this has happened, you can reclaim your power. ⚡ Realise that you’ve been feeling your unconscious thinking. Choose to come back to the present moment. The emotion then has the space to subside.

Spiritual awakening symptoms and Body chaos

The mind and the body are intimately connected. So, what happens in one affects the other. Your body does not know the difference between something that happens in reality and something that you are simply thinking about. It constantly responds to the thoughts you are engaging with.

For instance, if you are giving a speech and you forgot your lines, you may feel scared. It’s understandable! However, sitting and thinking about the possibility of it all going wrong (before you are actually doing it) means you are activating that same fear response in your body.

Getting lost in ANY negative thought and emotion spiral is stressful for your body. At some point, your body WILL stop working as efficiently as it should. It is not designed to handle continued stress every day. So if you are regularly in turmoil, is it any wonder you are feeling tired and foggy? 😩

All that mental activity is draining your body’s life force. Recognising the present moment reality will help you disengage the mental chatter and give your body the rest it needs.

Some self-care basics will help too. Give yourself some rest breaks during the day if you are tired. Get more sleep at night. Book a medical check-up to ensure there isn’t anything else going on. Eat well and drink plenty of water. Awakening involves a lot of deep healing, so be compassionate with yourself.

When you can’t find peace in the present

Using your senses to return to the here and now will help you to break out of the turmoil. However, what about when something happens in the PRESENT MOMENT that really stresses you out? Attempting to more fully experience a reality you don’t want can feel like self-punishment. That Cloud-9 feeling has well and truly left the building at that point.

Maybe you’re experiencing physical pain. Or perhaps there’s someone at work who consistently makes your life harder. What can you do to feel better in these kinds of circumstances? Work with your resistance TO those situations.

What is resistance? It’s a sense of not wanting something, pushing it away or rejecting it. 🤚 Resisting reality is a more subtle game the mind plays, and it’s the hidden mind-based cause of your suffering. Worse still, it often keeps the problem in play and robs you of your peace.

At this point, I should point out that it’s ok to have preferences! Everyone wants to live a pain-free life and be treated with respect. But the truth is, we can’t control what happens in life or what other people do. So, true freedom means that you must be able to come back to your peaceful true Self no matter what happens in life.

Step into freedom

So to ditch the stress and take back your power, you MUST change how you respond to EVERYTHING that happens in life. This means you must drop resistance to your:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Bodily sensations
  • Everything that happens in the outside world

The first step to dropping resistance is to recognise that you ARE resisting whatever is happening. Yes, this includes those spiritual awakening symptoms! In fact, I’ve found that when you stop resisting the symptoms, space is created for them to dissolve.

Try this: rest your awareness on the sensations of those symptoms in your body. Notice what they are like. See if you can allow yourself to fully experience them without changing anything. If you notice resistance creeping back in, come back to observing and watch what happens.

When you let go of the resistance, it’s possible to reconnect to that a-mazing Cloud-9 feeling. 🤩 You’ll still be aware of whatever is happening, but you experience it all in a state of peace and grace.

Understanding the role of resistance in awakening is a big topic, gorgeous! That’s why I created a FREE guidebook called the Freedom Activation Code. It dives deeper into how moving beyond resistance allows you to step into the bright future you want and deserve.

To get your copy go to clareelderkin.com/freedom. Let me know how you get on!

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