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7 life transforming mindset shifts that bring your dreams into reality

7 life transforming mindset shifts that bring your dreams into reality

Most people I speak to dream of at least one aspect of their life transforming. If this is you, celebrate that you want your days to be the most incredible ride possible! 🤸 After all, life is too short to spend it stuck and frustrated. Maybe it’s why you got onto the spiritual path in the first place.

But if so many of us have dreams, why don’t they happen for most people? Today, I share common beliefs and attitudes that could keep you stuck in your life and what you can do about it.

So check in with yourself and see if any of these mindset shifts would benefit you. Be kind to yourself if you recognise that you are stuck in any of these patterns. Now you are aware of the issue, you can do something about it. ⚡

Get ready to move through any blocks and make those life-transforming shifts HAPPEN!

1. Not setting clear intentions for your life transforming journey.

I come across many people who are unhappy with their current life. What fascinates me is that many of them have not considered what they would like instead.

If this is you, how could you possibly claim your dreams unless you know what they are? It’s like getting into a taxi and telling the driver you have no idea where you are going! 🤦‍♀️

A life-transforming journey always starts with getting clear on what you want. Write down what you want to experience in your relationships, emotions, spiritual path, career, finances, health, hobbies and home life. Check-in with this vision daily and feel how good it will be to have it.

Then set a firm intention to start your journey NOW and do whatever it takes to create these changes. Maybe you are unsure what actions you should take. Know that you WILL recognise the opportunities when they come to you. But without deciding to begin your journey first, you won’t even see them.

If you are afraid to do the things necessary to create change, ask yourself: Why do I want these changes? Is it to be a better parent to your kids, to help others, or something else? 🤩 This gives you the motivation to move through any discomfort that arises.

2. Do you keep telling yourself that you cannot make time?

Let me ask you a question. Is it REALLY true that you have no time to make your life transforming dreams come true? Or is it that you haven’t yet decided to prioritise those changes you want for yourself? 😳

Without a conscious choice to change your routine and habits, you’ll keep doing the same things day in and day out. This is not your fault. We all do it until we consciously choose to do things differently.

Consider this. When you are unhappy, the sadness and frustration deplete your energy levels. You can be FAR more effective when you feel calm, happy and free. What does this mean? You’ll get more done in less time when you spend your days lit up and on purpose!

The way out is to audit how you use your time. Did you know the average person spends over two hours on social media every day? For other people, it’s watching TV. If this is you, are you willing to reduce that screen time and use it to do something toward your dreams?

So ask yourself: How can I find the time? Commit to scheduling time each day, even if you can only spare five minutes. Over time, these small actions lead to the changes you want. 🔥

3. You can’t find the money for epic and life transforming support.

Imagine the scenario. You find a program or resource that could help you get unstuck and move toward your dreams. But not having the money to pay for it leaves you even more frustrated with your current circumstances.

To overcome this block, you need to find ways to empower yourself. Only then will you get the money you need. Yes, this IS possible, no matter what your situation is. 💪

From my experience, most people fall into one of the following two categories.

I completely understand that it seems impossible to invest in yourself when you have very little money. I spent most of my 20s and 30s living on state benefits when I was too ill to work.

Since the National Health Service did little to help me, I realised that I would have to pay for help myself. As it turned out, I needed A LOT of support with my spiritual path and healing journey! In total, my transformation cost me over £30,000. 😯

Technically, I should not have been able to afford such a vast sum of money while living on benefits. So how did I do it?

If you are in this situation, your first step is to decide that you are SO OVER being stuck in your life. You must be your own rescue and commit to FINDING a way.

You get what you expect in this life. This means you must expect a good outcome rather than assume that things will always stay how they are. If you do not believe the money will come to you, then this belief is the first thing you need to drop. It’s blocking you, gorgeous!

In your mind, you must close the back door to all possibilities other than your dreams. To do this, shift your focus from how crappy things are now; to what you want and what you could do to make it happen.

Personally, I saved every spare penny I could. 💰 Instead of birthday and Christmas presents, I asked friends and family for money toward the help I needed. Every day, I asked myself: How can I find the money? I actively searched for answers.

Asking the universe for help, I would visualise my life the way I wanted it to be. I saw the money coming to me and felt gratitude for the fact that it was on its way.

Focusing on the solution meant that things lined up in the most miraculous ways. When I started to believe that this was a done deal, money came to me from very unexpected sources!

Investing in your life transforming journey is the greatest act of self-love. If you DO have enough money to pay for help, you need to find what is holding you back from spending it on your dreams. 🛑

Are you ready to get honest with yourself? Time and again, I see the following themes blocking beautiful souls from their deepest desires.

  • Are you scared of investing in yourself?
  • Do you need to keep your savings intact so you can feel secure?
  • Would you feel judged by others if you spent money on help?
  • Do you feel worthy of spending money on yourself?
  • Have you tried many things in the past that didn’t work? Are you scared of trying again?
  • Do you believe that nothing can help you?
  • Do you feel you should be able to do everything alone?
  • Are you spending money on things to make you feel better rather than on resolving the problem at its root?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is an unconscious block driving it. These often play out in all areas of your life, so it’s even more crucial that you get the help you need to resolve it!

To exit this loop, you must decide to move ahead despite your reservations. This is the only way your life will change, gorgeous! So draw a line in the sand now and decide that you WILL stay open and assume things will be different if you forge ahead.

4. Finding reasons to delay the most powerful actions to a later date.

Many people drift through life with a vague idea about stepping into their dreams at some point. Don’t fall into this trap! One day you might wake up; and realise with horror that you are still stuck with the same shizz 💩 as you were last year.

If this is you, I get it. I was stuck treading water for YEARS, so I know how frustrating it can be. Please know that it isn’t your fault, gorgeous. You can only change something when you become aware of the actual problem.

On an unconscious level, your mind wants you to keep doing what is familiar. Why? It views what it knows as safe, even though it royally sucks. So it will convince you to put any life transforming changes on hold.

The reasons to delay taking action can sound SO compelling. Here are some ways it could be playing out in your life:

  • I’ll do it when the kids have left home. Why do you need to wait? Would your kids prefer to have a happy, fulfilled parent; or one who drifts through life in a miserable fog?
  • Putting everyone else first. When are you going to prioritise your own well-being and dreams? Only you can decide that you are worthy. 👑
  • Waiting for the approval of others. The people in your life may or may not support you as you move toward what you want. Your job is to make your dreams more important than their potential judgement. They probably wish they had the brass ovaries to go for what they want too!
  • I’ll do it when my health has improved. I speak to many people who are sick BECAUSE they are unhappy with their life. You need to stop compromising and move toward the things that would make your heart sing NOW. Baby steps are enough.
  • I’m not ready yet. You must be willing to get in the arena and get muddy if you want to win. If you are not willing to do that, it’s genuinely OK. Consciously recognise that you are choosing to stay where you are right now.

To get out of this pattern, decide that NOW is the time to claim a different future. Take the actions that your future self will thank you for.

5. Are you desperately chasing what you long for in the outside world?

Have you ever heard yourself saying something like: I’ll be happy when I’ve got that promotion or I’ll feel safe when I’ve paid off my debt? Having desires and dreams is a great thing.

However, you can easily become a victim of a wild goose chase. Once you’ve got the promotion and money, will you be happy and safe for all eternity? Probably not. That fact can drive your levels of frustration through the roof.

So is it really the promotion and financial status that you want? No. Isn’t it true that you only want to be happy and safe? When you don’t know this, your mind will try to figure out what you need to fix or change to get what you want. 💫

The truth is; your happiness, safety or any other positive state already exists within you. When you rest in your conscious True Self, you can have those positive feelings RIGHT NOW without getting ANYTHING from the outside world.

More than that, connecting with these positive states FIRST often brings what you want from the outside world to you! So to get what you want, you must change on the inside first.

To find out how I discovered my powerful True Self, check out my article on Tiny Buddha: 3 Things That Turned My Suffering into Blissful Peace.

6. Deciding you don’t have what it takes to make those amazing changes.

Are you ready for a truth bomb? You will never discover that you DO have what it takes until you dive in and get started. It’s time to step up to the plate and go after your life-transforming dreams. When you do, you can discover how strong and resourceful you REALLY are. 🔥

7. Are you hoping you can make it to your destination alone?

I see it all the time. People reach a certain point on their spiritual path and suddenly hit a brick wall. If this is you, have you started to search for answers in books, YouTube videos and on the internet? 📖 Maybe that’s why you’re here!

It’s great that you want to help yourself, grow and find freedom. The problem starts when you cannot find any answers at all or just fragments that ring true. You try to integrate what you have discovered into your life and path, but it doesn’t work very well.

It’s a darn scary situation. You find yourself stuck and wheel-spinning with no idea what is going wrong. It’s a lonely and frustrating place to be. I know because I was there for many years.

Here’s the truth. Endlessly trawling for answers to your problems alone will only get you so far, gorgeous! Why? You’re trying to find the answer when the problem is blocking you from seeing it clearly.

In other words, you aren’t seeing the ACTUAL problem. You are firefighting, trying to fix symptoms instead of addressing the issue at its root. You must transcend the whole thing and go to an entirely new level of consciousness. If you don’t, things tend to get a lot more painful.

Self-help solutions rarely allow you to identify where you are stuck. You need help from someone who can show you how to break free. 🗽 You’ll save yourself lots of time and heartache in the long run. All you have to do is decide to take that leap.

Your next step

Now is the time to make a bold decision. Your future self will be glad you went for what you want. You deserve to squeeze every inch of joy out of life.

Get unstuck, gorgeous! ⚡ Quantum leap into the next stage of your life and spiritual journey by downloading my FREE guidebook, Freedom Activation Code. It shows you how to release self-sabotage and design your life based on your True Self to create the reality of your dreams.

Download your copy at clareelderkin.com/freedom.

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